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Our Investment Criteria

Mandatory Criteria


The entrepreneur/principal(s) are 100% in the business. There must be a strong affinity and alignment with the principal(s). Their passion, commitment, honesty and integrity is unquestioned.


Where there is a fellow equity investor who holds a substantive equity share (i.e. one that warrants significant influence, board presence or control) they must be aligned, trusted and financially committed.


Hawkstone must hold equity relative to our value add. The entrepreneur(s) must hold equity of substance relative to their personal circumstance and must have skin in game preferably via cash in addition to sweat equity.

Other Criteria

Active Investor

Hawkstone is directly involved in growth strategy and board governance relative to the investment capital.


Hawkstone equity (or future equity) and $ return must be of substance in order to justify “Active investor” role.


Ability to leverage Hawkstone and/or related entity products, services and/or expertise.

Compelling Model

Priority Is given to: 1. Innovative business models; 2. Sustainable, socially responsible businesses; 3. Proven concept (referenced); 4. Prefer “Services” businesses: 5. Low CAPEX

Growth Potential

Needs capital and expertise to grow and accelerate exponentially.

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